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weekend update

What I did this weekend:

Saw Dub Narcotic at a coffeeshop here in TaCoWA. the emo kids were in full force. To paraphrase Ginsberg's "Howl": I saw the best minds of the generation after mine destroyed by sweaters, acyrilic and ugly. Calvin Johnson's sweater was also remarkably dorky, but not in a good way. Can't judge his body hair or wrist size, but I'm thinking with that little beer belly, Calvin may be the only extant "emo bear cub". Not sure if that combo is desirable or not. But I think Calvin is back on my list of theoretically do-able men, because once the sweater came off, he was looking cute with his conciously un-self-conscious Morrissey-esque dance moves and black Tshirt.

Theorem: there aren't too many men out there who don't look pretty great in a black t-shirt.
When I am queen of the world, all single men under 40 get government incentives to wear black T-shirts in public.

saturday morning yielded the final troubleshooting of the landline, so now finally I have two working phones, whether I need them or not. may cancel the landline after awhile; seems like overkill to have both since I don't need the landline for dial up. and except for people I met after the above gig who I'll prolly see on Tuesday, it's not like I know anyone locally anyway who might call me.

and as I'm typing this at 1:54 am, the landline just rang, and there were beeps on the other end when I picked up. This is the second wrong number call I've gotten this evening. And if the previous holder of the number routinely gets calls this late, I may cancel the phone sooner than later.

then off to Honda to find out what was making that noise. The car was fine when I left Ohio, apparently something got messed up while in transit, because there was this infernal rumbling as soon as I got it off the carrier. Turned out to be grit/wear in the wheel bearings (probably from all the salt/grit on the Montana and South Dakota roads), so I got to buy replacements. I felt so girly, going to a shop and dropping $320 on just two items! It was so decadent. Okay, not really, but given the insane amount of money I've spent on moving related expenses in the last 6 weeks, I'm trying to think about it humorously, else I'd just cry. I don't get my first pay check for 2 weeks, so I'm kinda worrying about money a bit. I guess if I'm gonna spend $320 in one sitting better to do it keeping my car happy rather than at the record shop, but still, it's a little depressing.

Sunday I slept pretty much all damn day. I am sloth, hear me yawn. still have about 15-20 boxes to unpack. made some progress, though.

In future husband news, Jon Stewart is hosting Saturday Night live next weekend.

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