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Status report

 Still unemployed. Still not really happy about it, but whatever. I'm applying for (at least) my requisite 3 jobs a week but I haven't seen anything yet that screams "Pick me!"

Went to two meetups this week in an effort to network and be social. Mostly succeeded in the social part but left feeling a little doomed. As much as I'm trying to retool my library and writing skills into a career in private industry, I fear I'm tainted by being labeled A Librarian. In some fields the MLIS degree is an asset and people know what it generally means as far as skills possessed, but I often feel like despite 2 years of cataloguing experience, private industry employers look at me and think storytime and circulation, despite the fact that I've done almost none of either.

3 weeks into book research. I've told a few people what the topic is but for now I want to keep it on the down low. Suffice to say its non fiction, NOT a memoir, confessional, or triumphant story of my battle with (foo), and requires a bunch of book and web research and a tiny amount of talking to people. Luckily, the book isn't time sensitive, so if I can't finish it for 2 years, it will still be relevant, assuming no one else poaches the topic in the meantime. To really do it right, there are some research libraries on the West Coast I'd like to visit, which I of course have the time to do, but need to figure out the logistics/ road trip schedule for. If you're in the Bay area and hankerin' for me to visit for two to three days, lemme know, because having a place to stay and someone to dish with will basically be the deciding factor to get me on the road and into the sweet, sweet arms of Special Collections.

Still painting the basement. Could conceivably be finished before the year is up, but really, what's my hurry? not like there's anywhere I have to be anytime soon. sigh.
Tags: angst, job searchin'

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