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Books read, 3rd quarter 2010

 Non Fiction:

1) Maus : a survivor's tale / Art Spiegelman.
Kinda ashamed that I never read this before now. If you read only one Pulitzer Prize winning comic book, it should probably be this one.

2) Prisoner of X : 20 years in the hole at Hustler Magazine / by Allan MacDonell.
Memoir of ex-punk working for a sleazy magazine. Great anecdotes but by the time it's over you may feel the need to be deloused.

3) Rex Libris. I, librarian / written and illustrated by James Turner
graphic novel. meh. maybe fine for kids, I was unimpressed even though I was sympathetic given the subject.

4) The palace under the Alps : and over 200 other unusual, unspoiled, and infrequently visited spots in 16 European countries / William Bryson.
early travel book from Bill Bryson. more of a straightforward guidebook and less reflective than the stuff he's known for.

5) Who would buy this? : the Archie McPhee story / Mark Pahlow
Company history. great photos. If you live in Seattle you should thumb through this. Pages about their failed products are really funny.

6) Persepolis / Marjane Satrapi.
another thing I should have read years ago. fantastic.

7) White savages in the South Seas / Mel Kernahan.
Memoir from travel writer who spent time in Tahiti from the 60s through the 90s. Nice look at what modernism and globalism did to the South Pacific.

8) Three sheets : drinking made easy! 6 continents, 15 countries, 190 drinks, and 1 mean hangover!/ Lamprey, Zane.
apparently this guy has a TV show where he goes to countries to learn about their drinking customs and specialty brews. Interesting but written at about a 6th grade level.


1) Dead until dark / Charlaine Harris.
First book from which True Blood was adapted. TV show is much better, this is written poorly but is still okay for a guilty pleasure. Show is pretty faithful to the plot of this one, though I've heard that isn't true in later books.

2) Darkly Dreaming Dexter /Jeff Lindsay
3) Dearly Devoted Dexter /Jeff Lindsay
4) Dexter in the Dark /Jeff Lindsay

VERY different from the TV show. At the end of the first book (the Ice Truck killer), one of Dexter's cop co-workers is killed off, even though this person is still in the TV series as of Season 5. Still, I think the TV show is more compelling- I think I'd like these books better on their own if I hadn't seen the show.

5) I am a genius of unspeakable evil and I want to be your class president / Josh Lieb.
Comic YA novel. I loved it. The title pretty much says it all.
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