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Job posting of the weak:

Usually I redact the company name, but this one is so leotarded I want everyone to know who they are so they fail:

Marketing Manager(s), Social Media, Public Relations (PR), Blogging

About Urban Spoils:
Urban Spoils was launched in June 2010 by two value-conscious entrepreneurs and executives with vast experience at Yahoo! (YHOO), Microsoft (MSFT) and Wall Street firms.

Skills Required
· You will need to be savvy in social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. Must have a burning desire to lead viral marketing segment and should have ability to work in a fluid startup environment.
· Prefer Alumni or MBA or Undergrad students from top 20 US universities, especially with focus on marketing, communication, business, or journalism.

This is a stock-only position.

Also, to make it even better, it's in BOTHELL.

And what MBA from a top 20 school wouldn't want to work for empty promises in Bothell?

Tags: asshattery, job searchin'

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