Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

something I don't get re: Twitter

So this person:

that I do not know is following me and 100 other people. She has one tweet, some platitude that belongs on a bumpersticker. only 9 people are following her back, presumably people who follow back anyone that adds them.

There are three similar profiles (few tweets, all tweets are cliche inspirational stuff, following random non-famous people that aren't following back) that started following me around the same time.

obviously it's some kind of scam, but I can't figure out the angle. If I don't know them and don't follow them back, they can't spam me. they aren't posting anything interesting that would make anyone want to follow them back. I'm not concerned, but I am curious to understand this otherwise confusing behavior.

I am new to twitter so apologies if this is an obvious question that everyone else dealt with 2 years ago.

I remember LJ had the "serial adders" back in the day, and I never understood that, either. are they related somehow?
Tags: asshattery, social not working

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