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Cosmopolitan can blow me

So I made the mistake of looking through a Cosmopolitan while at the grocery checkout today. Jeez, what a way to enforce my hated of mainstream femininity. One of the teasers on the cover was

The Last Sex Taboo
and why you'll love breaking it

so before I tell you what it is, think about it. what would -you- think is "taboo" enough to call a taboo, but obviously not "taboo" enough to gross out Cosmo's readers. I mean, it's obviously not some Jerry Springer-esque thing like having sex with your dog or your immediate family members, or anything involving urination or defecation. so what could it be?

My guesses (in order of my thinking how likely Cosmo was to consider them);
Anal sex/anal play
bondage play
making porn with your video camera for private use
Oudoor/public sex
a drunken fling with your female best friend
sex involving 3 people

which all seem like reasonable definitions of "the last taboo".

and Cosmo's answer for what the Last Taboo is?

The Last Taboo is when you, the woman, ask your male partner to finish you off after intercourse if he's had an orgasm and you haven't, rather than him rolling over and going to sleep.

maybe my southern roots are showing, but to me, this isn't a taboo. it's common courtesy, no matter what gender you or your partner is.

Fuck a bunch of checkout magazines that pretend to be naughty but are actually way more behind the times than your average AARP member.

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