Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

On cleaning up after a party

Instead of consulting an astrologer, your friends' calendars, the weatherman, or the Oracle of Delphi, you should only rely on the garbage/recycling pickup schedule to best plan the date of your party. Whether you use it to determine "maximum emptiness of recycling bin" or "shortest time between party and bin-contents removal" is a matter of personal preference, but really, you can't lose either way.

Solstice-wise, the weekend was kind of a bust. I got caught in the rain twice, wasn't dressed warmly enough for the middle of June, and generally am not feeling this whole "summer" concept. Seeing old art car friends was great, as always, though I always feel sad when someone comes to Seattle during a time that ought to be exceptionally pleasant and they get handed something like Sunday's downpour. shoutingboy, pack for next weekend by assuming the worst (short of a blizzard).
Tags: art cars, seattle

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