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Art Car weekend approacheth:

This weekend is the Solstice Parade, the Fremont Fair, and of course, the Seattle Art Car Blowout (SACBO). Since the leg is still healing and I'm using crutches/wheels to get around, I have no idea how fun or not fun my weekend will actually be. I have yet to try the wheelchair in a crowd of that size, but I'm worried that being on the crutches would subject me to being tipped over by an errant dog or someone rushing to get a good spot for the parade. I think I will probably be somewhat sedentary and subdued this weekend, which is probably just as well. We're hosting the Sunday night party, so at least if I am exhausted, I'll be on familiar turf and can easily hijack the comfy chair.

I was actually able to work on Disk Drive a bit in the last few weeks by using a rolling garden stool, so the bottom half of the car looks fantastic! There are some issues with the roof diskettes, but those are gonna have to wait til August when I can stand on both feet again. Now that I have a garage to work in again, I'm hoping to keep the car in much better aesthetic repair during the autumn.

If you're at the Fremont Fair, this weekend, I should be lurking around the SACBO booth. Come say hi!
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