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hive mind joke help:

There's an old joke that seems to have several variants. I am interested in what the most common variant is. There is a poll at the end of this post.

The joke has 3 outsiders captured by savages, whose chief offers them the choice of Death or some made-up word that they don't understand. The first 2 men choose the (made-up word) option, with the chief proclaiming "Prepare him for (made-up word)!" both times. The process of (made-up word) is painful, or in some retellings, comically painful. The 3rd man, witnessing the fate of the others, says that he prefers death to the travails of (made-up word). The Chief then declares "Prepare him for death....by (made-up word)!"

which of the following come to mind when you read the above?

Poll #1555946 Death, mau mau, boola boola or what?

If you had to re-tell the "Death or mau-mau" joke, which elements are closest to the way you best know the joke?

"death or mau mau"
"death or boola boola"
"death or some other phrase that I will leave in comments"
the act in question involves different types of fruit and orifices
the act in question involves different quantities of the same fruit and orifices
the act in question involves group sexual assault
the act in question involves some other indignity that I will mention in comments
I have never heard this joke before
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