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advice call: chronological resume versus something else:

I graduated with my MLIS in 1994 and have pretty much been doing library work since then. My current resume is in the tried-and-true chronological format and goes back to 1996. I have the date of both my BA and MLS in my resume.

I am just about 40 and so possibly at the age where I want my resume to say "I have 15 years of experience in this field but I'm still young enough that I won't be retiring in 3 years". I have had it suggested to me that having dates that go back so far could make the HR person think, wow, you're old, even though I'm not really. If you presume that most people get their BA within 4-6 years of graduating high school, having the dates of my degrees lets employees guess my age to some accuracy (if they want to).

Is that even important these days? are employers scared of hiring people that might be about to go have kids or retire, or do they realize most people will only work at a job for 5 years tops anyway, so it doesn't matter? Is it important to show stability (ie 5 years at this job, 4 years at the next?) if you're mentioning 12 years worth of jobs? I have no "unexplained gaps' in my work history, FWIW.

Right now my resume goes education: ("I haz these degreez!") skills: ("I know the following programs, interfaces, and skill sets") and then work history (position name, employer, list of typical responsibilities). should I be rethinking this?

I understand that in the tech industry, it's more common to see the skill set resume that doesn't emphasize past employers as much. how is it in YOUR line of work?
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