Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

on aiding and abetting:


Seattle, Washington (CNN) -- Investigators searching for the suspected killer of four Seattle-area police officers have rounded up several of his relatives and friends to keep them from helping him escape, a sheriff's spokesman said Monday.

These folks are as delusional as Clemmons. Someone's shot in the gut after killing FOUR cops, and you really think getting him out of the state will end his worries? You think the Idaho cops would back-burner a manhunt for this guy because it didn't happen to "their" cops?

Also, snitchin' code or not, I can see what might motivate a relative to help hide someone accused of shooting one person. But four people? four COPS? That's when I'd say, Sorry cousin, you're on your own here.
Tags: fight the power

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