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the Shawshank moving Plan

If you saw The Shawshank Redeption (and really, you've had 15 years to do so, so what's the delay if you haven't?), you'll remember the "get rid of a little tunnel dust every day for 20 years" scheme. I am intending to do the same with our move. To wit:

We close on the house in 5-6 weeks. we live on the 3rd floor. moving up here was a pain in the butt, and while moving downstairs will be less awful then the reverse was, we're still talking about a LOT of trips up and down the stairs.

So my plan is to move something into my car every time I go down the stairs, and then offload that into my office every workday. with 22 workdays before the move, I think I should be able to move the equivalent of 2 copy paper boxes each days. I have a fair amount of storage space in my cubby, so I think I can probably fit 44 copy paper boxes worth of stuff in their before re-offloading it to the new place.

so today I moved my CDs A-Bi. tomorrow is CDs Bowie thru dim stars and some art supplies. consider this post a log to see how much stuff I can move in advance before my co-workers notice what I'm up to.
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