Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

subversives are sequencing the commercials for Almost Live:

I was watching a TiVoed episode of Almost Live, and saw two back to back commercials:

The first was for a website called "Autism speaks" and the thrust of the ad was " autism affects a lot of kids, learn the signs of autism, check our website". that was it, fairly straightforward.

Next commercial had mothers holding pictures of their dead children, all who had died from menningitis. the thrust of the commercial was "menningitis kills you very fast, get your child vaccinated".

Given that many in the "autism community" are anti-vaccine, even vaccines for fairly serious things, I have to wonder if someone at the network placed these commercials back to back to make a point. Even if vaccines did cause autism (which as far as i know, they do not, and science has so far backed that up), I would sure rather have an autistic kid than a dead kid.
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