Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

arrghs of the day

1) my (step)dad friended me on facebook. haven't responded yet.

2) 3rd bridal dress fitting. You know those movies where a middle class person tries to fit into some blueblood society and gets excluded not because of earnings or poise but breeding/background? or for you literary types, have you ever read the Great Gatsby? Or for you punkers, remember the slumming rich gal who shows up to high school one day in a Misfits shirt claiming to be all about the Clash when she was listening to Top 40 3 months ago?

That is how I feel in the bridal costume. I'm a poseur in a world that is supposedly open to any straight gal with a committed partner and a blank check. In a way, I wish I was super goth or super hippie so there'd be a culturally acceptable alternative costume I could have chosen instead. I'm having regrets that I chose what I thought would be the "easy" choice in wedding attire. It's not like I don't occasionally get dressed up in girly stuff, but The Dress is causing me a ton of angst.

Oh yeah, I'm still happy about getting hitched and having a ceremony with friends present. No angst there. it's just The Dress that's freaking me the fuck out.
Tags: angst, nuptuals

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