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Home Sweat Home

Okay, so I successfully moved all my worldly possessions cross-country. I'm now sitting at my computer (broadband=hooked up yesterday) looking at stacks and stacks of boxes that I just can't deal with yet, listening to the howling wind shake the tree outside my window. I have the essentials: bed, bathroom, couch, cable, computer. Kitchen, books, LPs and clothing can wait as far as I'm concerned.

Capsule summary of the trip:
The drive was mostly non-eventful, except for me being a bit spooked in Montana over the impossibly hard to see unlit road at night. JS did the majority of the driving for two reasons; 1) he's got more stamina/strength than me for flooring the truck's gas pedal 2) in order for my short legs to hit the gas, I had to yank the bench seat up so close to the dash that JS was left with no leg room at all, which probably contributed to wearing him down and getting him sick (see below).

Saw the Mitchell Corn Palace in South Dakota, and then Devil's Tower in Wyoming, both of which were cool, but meant we had to haul ass the last day to arrive in time to make the pre-arranged movers appointment. Again, this probably was not so good for our respective immune systems.

I had a relapse of the illness which has been periodically kicking my ass for the last two weeks. It appears that I gave same illness to JS, who was really sick the last few days. Despite this, he was excellent company and a pillar of strength throughout and I probably could not have done the move without his help.

JS continues his streak of wonderfulness. In the potentially difficult situation of choosing music for the roadtrip, there were only 2 or 3 of my CDs that he didn't care for (Klaus Nomi, who even I only like in small doses, and Yma Sumac are the two I remember). BUT even better: he dug the Magnetic Fields (who he found out about through me) enough to want/allow the playing of ALL THREE discs of "69 Love songs" IN A ROW. Not only that, he likes (and owns) the same Belle and Sebastian CD I brought along.

I know what ya'll are thinking; "Mag Fields -and- B&S? This cannot be, since he's a manly thick-wristed Bear Cub and not some 20 year old emo boy". But there it is. I am the luckiest boy on the Lower East Side, as Steve Merritt would say. Not only that, he likes The Billy Nayer Show and seems to be tolerant of my insistent mooning over the future nuptials* between me and Cory McAbee (*unless, of course, Phibes gets to him first). Musical compatibility is a big big plus with me, especially when men I like like the bands I like that men almost never like. I have yet to expose him to Scott Walker; a random sampling seems to suggest that chicks love Scott Walker, and few men get the whole Scott Walker thing (except for the multi-faceted Kev, of course {blows kisses}), so maybe that would be a good way of testing if he's actually an made-to-order android or something.

One of the cats appeared to have gotten out in the time period between us waking up my first night here and when the movers arrived (a door had been left open when I went to meet the movers). Even though this apt is huge, how do you lose a cat in a practically vacant room? We searched cabinets, drawers, closets, under radiators- no Shockie. About -eight- hours after she was lost, JS found her in the duffel bag that contained my clothes for the trip- it has a torn seam, and therefore she snuck in despite it being zipped. I was relieved he found her, yet astounded that she hid so long.

I caught two things on fire the first day: a Pop-tart in the toaster oven (it fell when I tried to remove it, and it took me several minutes to find an instrument with which to knock it off the heating element. finally used a Philips screwdriver for the task) and a lamp whose housing had gotten knocked loose in the move (it threw sparks when I turned it on, but did not blow the bulb. I unplugged it rather than using the switch again). Other than that, no problems.

except for a possible foray into Sea-town to see some bands this weekend, I will attempt to unpack 50% of my stuff this weekend. I can't have these Meaty Bone and Fruity Booty boxes around forever....

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