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another joy of packing....

Is digging up the High school yearbooks that were stashed in the basement! the signatures are more telling than the yearbook itself though....does your yearbook reference Pink Flamingoes, RHPS, and the Evil Dead? Mine does:

JS says, in 1985:
"lara- I love you more than the sound of babies crying, or bones breaking, or even my own haircolor. Maybe we can have an EGG breakfast sometime."

John Waters fans will recognize this as Connie and Raymond's declarations during the shrimping scene, and not an actual sentiment from JS to me.

Another friend of me and JS, who went to that movie with us, writes in the same yearbook:
lara- It's been 'interesting'* knowing you for the last couple of years. I will remember 'Pink Flamingos for the rest of my life".

* yes, he put those quotes there.

a RHPS specific one:

"Thanks to you I'm no longer a virgin. (People who read this are probably wondering, but hey!) You look pretty good in garters"- Stephen

this is especially funny since Stephen was gay, gay, gay! we didn't "know" at the time, but we "knew".

1986- JS writes:

"I promise your album* is VERY safe and I will get it back to you soon. We'll have to go see a "good" movie again real soon- "THE EVIL DEAD are back and HORNY"- a sequel**. See ya."

*can't remember which one, sorry.
**Evil dead came out in 1982, although we probably didn't see it until it played the midnight show in '85 or '86. Evil Dead 2 came out in 1987, so JS's prediction of a sequel is amusing. Unfortunately, he was wrong about the horny part, as Sam Raimi apparently decided later that he wished he hadn't included the whole "tree rape" scene in ED1 and downplayed that in ED2.

I have no idea what I wrote in his yearbook(s). Hopefully something witty and urbane and nothing too embarrassingly clueless.

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