Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

Ipod of the dammed

so, my Ipod got dropped from a height of 2 feet at the gym and now the screen looks like a shaken etch a sketch. there is apparently still music on it, but I can't seem to navigate it to play anything other than the first playlist, which is unfortunately my "Broadway" playlist. which means all the songs are in alpha order, so you get overtures from play x after the closing number from play z. very odd, and not the way I like listening to show tunes. I tried using Paul's working iPod as a template for "shuffle is x clicks away from where I must be now", but it didn't work. not sure if that's operator error or the nav wheel is busted as well.

Luckily, one of my blind coworkers is a huge music fan and has an ipod, so I'll see if he can teach me how to navigate without the screen working. I'd always heard people complain that Ipods had crappy navigation if you are visually impaired, and now I'm getting to experience that myself.
Tags: mortality, music

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