Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

oh WAMU/Chase, you so crazy

I figured they'd hold back part of my big honking check at the bank for a few days since the amount is large and I don't have a history of depositing large checks. I also deposited a $100 check from mom that she sent me for my pending birthday.

My deposit receipt for 2/28:

$100 of large deposit available now.
$4900 available 3/4/09
$XX,987 available 3/11/09
"Exception non-local hold" for $100 available 3/17/09

Note that the 5 figures will clear 6 days before a piddly little check from out of state, that is also drawn on a Chase account.

ah Wamu, I still wonder how you managed to fail.
Tags: lols

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