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Bruce La Bruce, you are on deaf notice!

first, a pull quote so you know I'm not making this up or following anecdotal bullshit :


Deaf parents are no happier about gay offspring than are hearing parents -- though, interestingly, the incidence of gayness within the Deaf community is perhaps 15 percent higher than in the hearing world.

Okay, so there are a lot of deaf people that are queer identified- the NYTimes say so.
One might therefore ASSUME gay people MIGHT be more sensitive to deaf issues than the hetero-normative world.

I am not deaf or part of the deaf community, but I often need the closed-captioning on movies to fully understand the dialogue due to various cognitive oddities in my brane. I get really pissy when a major Hollywood film on DVD doesn't have subtitles. My feeling is anything produced since 2000 should have closed captioning or DVD subtitles, unless it's so low budget or of such narrow interest that to caption it would be cost-prohibitive. Anything I get through netflix, especially anything of larger interest to the gay community than the straight world, ought to fucking have subtitles in English.

so a big GAS FACE to Bruce la Bruce's "Otto; or, Up with Dead people" for NOT having DVD subtitles, despite being
1) really, REALLY gay
2) filmed with German actors speaking English wit heavvy Germann akscents
3) being about Zombies, which are really huge in the deaf community.

Okay, I made the last part of 3) up; to my knowledge; zombie appeal crosses all disability borders and there's no special affinity between deafness and love of zombie flicks.

But I maintain that any gay-identified film that doesn't have subtitles for the hearing impaired, who are likely a significant portion of their audience, deserves negative attention.

Bruce La Bruce, you are on deaf notice!

Bruce, you are a disgrace to gay Canadian filmmakers.


(yes, I know decreeing the Gas face is 20 years old and probably too old to even be Old School. that's just how I roll. )
Tags: teh gayzor, zombies

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