Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

JS= 1337 Haxx0r

Well, my attempts to be devious in making this post friends only
were foiled today, when, while looking around in the directory I use to host LJ pictures, JS found the redhaired pics of me. I had suspected this might happen, so I tried to name the pics something similar to other pics he'd already seen to avert his curiousity. No dice. Cat's out of the bag (and not surgically attached to my face). So that post is now public. ah well.

I am still very sick and feeling run down. I slept til 11am, woke for an hour, slept til 6pm, woke for a while to talk to JS on the phone, went back to sleep til 2am. Now I'm awake, the house is freezing, and I feel like I'm wearing a steel hat on my head.

And there are 9 days left to finish packing. In the immortal words of Casey Kasem, "Oh, fuck".

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