Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

Wasting time on Craigslist...

since i'm too sick with a sore throat/lung infection to pack, I've been poking around the Seattle Craig's List to absorb some info about my new home region.

What I've learned:
1) 90% of the posters on the open forum are really grouchy, especially in regards to "I'd like to move to Seattle" posts.
2) Paradoxically,they also seem to be grouchy when anyone suggests that Portland or SF is a better place to be than Seattle.
3) The personals are as sparse as the job ads. There are more personals added to the SF or NYC Craigslists in one day than there are in 2 months on the Seattle one! What's up with that?

But, I did find this, shared for everyone's amusement/consideration:


Luke is an artist living in Olympia, WA (and yes, ladies, he likes the K records indie rok!), and will pay a woman for 2 non-sexual dates. The first date pays $12 for an hour, the second date is a maximum of 2 hours, but the price is not specified. Apparently Luke is shy and pushing 40, so he figures that this "hook" might make him more appealing than a regular personals ad would. I'm not sure whether I think the novelty outweighs the creepy factor, but since Luke is too old for me and I'm not on the market anyway, I guess it doesn't matter what I think. What do -ya'll- think? Would you date luke if you were a pretty girl with an hourglass figure?

And the kicker:

He's an Objectivist! hahaha. I dunno why I find this funny, but I do. Tinymammoth, is Luke's proposition a Rational thing for a single man to do? Should he do something else to resolve this dilemma?

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