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The financial crisis hits home:

Dear lady ahead of me at WaMu today:

I realize you have concerns about Wamu's solvency and its effect on you. The young teller at Wamu is certainly the best authority on the history and purpose of the FDIC that I can think of to consult. It was especially clever to ask her how safe your money is, really; and argue with her that the FDIC might not work in this case, at 5:55pm (when the bank closes at 6pm).

I really appreciate the way you held up the line to ask the teller for details about the Bailout (which, news flash, actually is not the same thing as the FDIC insurance of your money), since I'm sure she has insider information straight from the Wamu CEO that she'd love to share with you. Really, couldn't you have walked a block away and used the internet at the Ballard library to read the breaking news about the JP Morgan buyout? I bet the teller didn't even know about that yet, since she'd been too busy to check the internet (and see if she still has a job tomorrow) because she was dealing with clueless freaks like you WHO GET IN LINE AT 5:55 PM to ask for detailed tutelage in economics.

seriously, if you STILL can't comprehend or want to argue about how the FDIC works, either get in line earlier or keep all your money in your mattress. The tellers have enough to do without trying to teach Principles of Deposit Insurance while the line stacks up behind you. At fivefuckingfiftyfive.

for the record, I just needed a roll of quarters for laundry, a transaction which takes 40 seconds. I could have bummed ten bucks worth outside for the time it took me to get through the line due to Mrs. Greenspan's sudden curiosity about the history of bank panics.
Tags: asshattery

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