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Free at last!

What a happy day! the man I foolishly agreed to live with is now gone, outta here, someone else's problem, etc. Given that he's such a lazy and chronically broke slacker, I'm amazed that he actually got off his ass and got a place according to the deadline I set. I can't describe how happy I am that I have the place to myself and no longer have to share with Sloppy Joe (who is not to be confused with Joe Lemur, who is an all around good guy).

but there's a post-script, and I'm asking for advice, if anyone should see this before I leave for Baltimore on Friday morn.

The story is too long to type, but aside from the dual injustices of him commandering the house voicemail for his "business" (though he has a cell phone with v/m) and having people over here all day all the time for "work", I found out he's been sleeping with someone, presumably the chick that's over here all the time working on editing her film on his computer. Normally I wouldn't care as it most likely happened after we were no longer a couple , but for two things: 1) I'm fairly certain they used my bed 2) I'm 100% certain that they used the condoms I purchased, not only without asking, but also he swiped 3-5 extra and put them in his bag. I saw them in the bag today when I was helping packing up his stuff (since Mr. Lazy hadn't packed a damn thing on his own until moving day); they looked like mine, so I took them and matched them to the lot numbers on the ones I have. Perfect match. I didn't confront him because what would be the point, and I wanted him out of here, and interrupting the move for an argument would be counter-productive, but I'm pretty peeved at how crass this is.

so I'm thinking about leaving the following msg on my answering machine. keep in mind that he used this home number for his business (even though he knew he was leaving) and lots of people will he's supposed to deal with for work will likely hear it. I know it's evil and bad, but I'm reallly considering it:

"Hi,you've reached the number for lara7, and lara7 only. If you'd like to speak to the man too cheap to buy his own condoms who sneaks them out of my nighttable drawer. call XXX-XXXX. If you'd like to speak to the woman who incriminates herself by being too unobservant to notice that I never, -ever- make my bed, call xxx-xxxx"

This will piss him off a bunch, but all the above insinuations are true. what'dya think, should I?

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