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I'm in LOVE!!!

Yes, it's true- I'm in love!

But not with a person..with my NEW APARTMENT!!

Okay, it's not mine yet. but it WILL BE on Monday once they run the credit check/convicted of a felony thing, which I'm certain to pass.

The good:
It's an old turn of the century bldg, yet it's been renovated to have at least 6 (grounded) electrical outlets in each room.

It's a two bedroom with huge rooms, cedar lined closets, built in bookshelves, tiled kitchen, hardwood floors, big windows.

The decorative touches on this bldg are exquisite. Tiled murals in the stairways, mosaics in the basement halls (or the Catacombs as the bldg mngr calls them), a vintage chandelier in my dining room...it's like when you're watching a movie where you look at the detail of the set and say "no one really lives in a bldg like that unless it's some luxury renovated condo that's $3500/month"... but ha ha suckas! it's real and it's mine (and not $3500, either) !!!

I have a view of the water AND a park, and am walking distance to both. I am theoretically biking distance to work (I think..need to check hill interference)

The bad:

Third floor. The movers will hate me (and charge me accordingly).

It's more than I wanted/expected to pay. I'm reasonably sure I'll still be able to afford it without having to make significant sacrifices in my other spending, but when you're in love, money concerns are less pressing. Other mitigating factors are that utilities (electric, gas, water, garbage pickup) are included (my big apt in Columbus has been hit hard in the last few months in the heating dept, so this is welcome news), which might mean as much as $200 a month in rent that I can justify (ie, "Well, the rent is $X, but when you count utilities, that's really x minus $200, which is closer to what I expected to pay").

The upshot:

It's been hard to find 2 bedroom apts for rent in the area I like (almost everything is studios or 1 BRs, and houses for rent seem non-existent, except in areas that are too far away to consider), so I could hold out and try to save $150 by spending more time searching, but there's no guarantee I'd find something at the price I wanted. And certainly not this nice. If there's an apt out there of similar size and charm for less money, I am probably not diligent enough to learn the secret password that will enable me to find it (ie, the mythical "apt as good for less money" is being leased via my boss's sister's hairdresser's doctor, and I don't have the networking skills or the time to uncover it).

In other news:

It snowed again today. the pretty wispy snow that doesn't stick to the ground but falls lightly on your coat.

University of Puget Sound has a pretty decent college radio station. I've heard Dismemberment Plan, Ween, Esquivel, and Belle and Sebastian all in the same afternoon. After 4 years of living in a place that has stodgy NPRish proramming instead of eclectic "college radio", despite being the second largest college campus in the US of freakin' A, this is welcome news. Even if it is a bit mainstreamy (I've heard the Strokes twice in two days, I think) it's still way better than the nothing offered by OSU.

Subject to change (but I hope not):


I am also fond of Seattle, but don't think of it "in that way". We're just good friends.

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