Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

Best e-card since virtual crack:

This is the time of the month when brightening a friend's day means the most. Wish your friend a happy period with these empowering Ecards designed to celebrate ALL that is girl.


Apparently, Always thinks that 1) printing "Have a happy period" on the paper covering the adhesive on the pad 2) registering a Engrish-inspired domain name like "being girl" 3) offering "empowering" period e-cards is going to inspire something other than derision from the women that use their products.

Has no one told their marketing department that menstruating women can be a little, y'know, cranky, and should be indulged rather than provoked? Crampy? Bloated? Moody? Have an e-card! Hey thanks, everything is better now! Whee!!
Tags: the communists

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