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Lovecraftian horror in my backyard

I have a backyard at the house I live in now. I never did the gardening I wanted to, but I had a few yard ornaments placed strateg(er)ically in the yard, along with two garbage cans the previous tenant left.

I decided to clean the yard a bit Sunday, to give away some yard stuff, and to make the place look better (if landlord can rent it in time for March 1, I won't lose my deposit for breaking my lease) when prospective tenants come to see it.

On Sunday, there was still snow on the ground, and thus it was hard to see how many sticks and leaves were on the ground. Plus, the garbage cans had filled with water/snow and frozen into ice. I turned the cans on their side so they could melt and drain in my absence.

This morning, I decided to check on them. One of them had a strong smell of wet compost/manure, which I figured was the wet and rotting leaves that had fallen into the can prior to the snow collecting.

Oh no-o-o-o. I figured wrong.

as I lifted the can, not only did I find the wet leaves and dirt I expected, but also THREE, count em, THREE corpses of bloated furry mammals. Could be squirrels, but they were about the size of a beaver (or a nutria, for you swampy types). I can deal with dead animals okay when I have to (see the bat story ), but when they're in a place I'm not expecting them (like a yard waste can), it can be a bit of a shock.

The Lovecraftian Horror part was both the smell (much worse after I'd lifted and dumped the can) and the fact that I had to get to work and thus had to basically leave them there. I put the can upside down over them and hoped to god that when the people who are coming to look at my apt visit at 5pm, they stay the hell out of the backyard, or at least, don't move the can.

I really don't want to be asked to explain to the landlord why there are 3 bloated rodent corpses in my yard, especially since I have no idea how they got there, either. One I could see, based on an accident or misadventure by the animal, or maybe two, but three? I'm begining to suspect my neighbors of evil things.

And the next question...what do I DO about them? I could bury them, or I could thow them in the garbage can. Even though burying is more work, it has some advantages;

1) I don't have to lift three soggy corpses to get them into the city-approved garbage cans
2) I don't have to wait til Monday when the garbage is picked up to have these corpses disposed of.
3) doing the above would probably result in tainting my garbage can with Wet Dead Rotting Thing smell, and I still have to live here for another 2-3 weeks.

plus, I don't leave work until 9pm tonight, so I can go home and surreptitiously dig in the backyard under cover of darkness. I'll feel so mysterious, disposing of the corpses in such a furtive manner. And if the the bad party neighbors happen to see me acting strangely, digging in the yard at 11pm, just weeks before I am to split town....well, let 'em wonder.

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