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road trip!

Paul and I spent the weekend in Astoria, Oregon. We did not encounter any Goonies.

In fact, Paul and I may be the only people in America that were teens in the 80s that have never seen the Goonies. Shocking, I know.

It's sort of a shame that if anyone in the Northwest knows only one fact about Astoria, it's "they filmed The Goonies there".

Astoria also has a big tall column you can climb inside of and get fantastic views of the Columbia river. the outside of the column has a mural about Lewis and Clark and fur trading, and also features naked Indians.

Astoria's "Downtown" not only has a JC Penneys and a Sears which are both still open, but are the only 2 examples of those stores I've ever seen on an Olde Towne Main Streete- ie, not attached to a mall. I'm sure other towns must have them too, but where I grew up, these stores either took up 1/4 of a city block (and the rest was parking lot), or they were mall "anchor stores".

Also from our road trip- the town that proclaims itself "the oyster capital of the world" had an overabundance of seagulls scavanging the piles of oyster shells outside the oyster packing/canning plant. I then realized calling yourself "the oyster capital of the world" means that you'd also have to claim the title of "the seagull dropping capital of the world". once again, the world is glad I never took up a career in marketing.
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