Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

cool dumpster find:

Jennifer Sharpe, who's pretty neato on her own, found a massive
collection of 1970s publicity photos in a dumpster. She posted them to flickr with exhaustive tags for us all to enjoy.


At least one person commented "Hey, that's me!" and you can see a current picture of him, post-showbiz, here at the NPR story on the find:


my favorite photo is this one:

she has, as they say, a face made for radio. I also enjoyed this comment to that photo :

"Other than the man hand, the flat chest, the hideous hairdo and the fugly grill she was smokin' hot."

Best random archive find since Mingering Mike (check wikipedia if you don't know- SFW)
Tags: big ideas, loot, photography

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