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parents are so cruel, 19th century edition:

Found in my library:

Personal Author :Cannon, LeGrand, 1899-
Title :Look to the mountain [by] LeGrand Cannon, jr.
Publication info :New York, H. Holt and company [1942]

The awful pun is bad enough, but note the "jr.". This means one or both parents thought this name worthy enough that they recycled it for their son. Tragic.

Wikipedia states that:
"The Grand Canyon was largely unknown until after the U.S. Civil War. In 1869, Major John Wesley Powell, a one-armed Civil War veteran with a thirst for science and adventure, made the first recorded journey through the canyon on the Colorado River."

So maybe the parents of Legrand Cannon, Sr., get a pass for unwitting coincidence. But by 1899, I'd have thought this name's playground teasing potential would be obvious.
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