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In which projects get completed: - The inexplicable charisma of the rival [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Just me.

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In which projects get completed: [Oct. 30th, 2007|02:48 pm]
Just me.
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So this somehow ended up being the month in which I reached a couple of milestones and finished some projects:

1) The ceiling is painted. It looks great.

2) The bamboo floor is installed, paid for, and the furniture is (mostly) back in place. It looks great. I’ve had my turntable/stereo unhooked and in another room while the floor was going in, and it sucked to be without it for 2 weeks. At least I’ll have more playback choices while I finish putting the room back together and re-filing all my CDs that also had to be moved out while the floor was installed.

3) There was this built-in wooden cabinet that I started stripping and sanding about 3 years ago. Well, I finally got all the paint off, stained it, put the doors back on, and am actually USING it to STORE my toiletries. I wanted it done before the floors were in. and so it is. It looks okay. Not great, but better than when it had 3 million coats of paint on it. And I’m DONE with it, which is the important thing.

4) I have now watched all available DVDs of The Wire. No season 4 until Dec 4, 2007. It’s hard to admit this much anticipation over a mere TV show, but I’m seriously jonesing. I haven’t felt this kind of “ooh, what will happen next?” since the last episode of Lost that aired however many months/years ago.

5) I suspect only signifier will understand the enormity of this one: After becoming a fan of Momus about 7 years ago, I have just tracked down and ordered the one out of print full length (on the Creation label) that eluded me. I believe this will be the 19th Momus album for me. The only one left to obtain is the one released last year, which is easily gotten used from amazon and therefore doesn’t have the sense of conquest that this penultimate acquisition does. And even better: this will be the only one I’ve gotten on vinyl, and it was under $12, including shipping. Anyone who has ever liked a musician that recorded mostly for import labels 10-20 years ago might understand my delight , even if you have no idea who Momus is.

6) I am on the 26th (!!) and final CD of the audiobook I started right after Burning Man. That would be 32 hours of “Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell”, read in 40 minute bursts while driving to and from work. I’ve enjoyed it, but honestly I’ll just be glad to see it end so I can read something else in the car before the year is up. I’ve been with this book so long, I feel like I’m dating it.

7) Speaking of, though this technically happens in November, it’s close enough to note here: in 3 weeks, Paul and I will have been dating a year. And unlike SOME people I’ve dated in the past, he’s managed to stay with me this long without breaking up with me and then getting back together with me days later, moving in with me, or proposing. I continue to be happy with the way that’s going, even though it means spending my Christmas holiday meeting his family in Yucktown, located in the Commonwealth of Faraway. But hey, that’s the karmic price you pay for getting all 19 Momus albums.

[User Picture]From: labrujah
2007-10-30 10:32 pm (UTC)
inspirational!! I am constantly like, huh, maybe I should fix that light bulb which has been burned out for TWO YEARS.
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[User Picture]From: holyoutlaw
2007-10-31 01:49 am (UTC)
Congratulations on all of the above!
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[User Picture]From: signifier
2007-10-31 01:40 pm (UTC)
Congrats indeed! Which Momus record?
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[User Picture]From: lara7
2007-10-31 02:51 pm (UTC)

ironically, the most popular...

It's "don't stop the night", also on Creation. Supposedly it was one of his better selling ones back in the day, and while I've seen it for sale online before, it's never been for a price I thought reasonable. I've never even seen it at amoeba, which is where I got about half the others.

Best Momus story: found 2 of his CDs in a dollar bin at Sonic Boom, who I guess didn't know what they were. Bought them, even though I had them already, to give away or resell online...
and then discovered one of them, Hippopotomomus, was a first edition and had the deleted because of lawsuit "Michelin Man" track on it, which makes it quite rare. not bad for a buck.

are you a fan of Momus? also, on a related note, how daunting would it be to collect all the Mountain goats albums? I'm not even sure how many there are, but its got to be in the3-4 dozen range...
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[User Picture]From: signifier
2007-10-31 04:24 pm (UTC)

Re: ironically, the most popular...

I like Momus in moderation, love "20 Vodka Jellies," and own most of his records (although not the last couple). He drives me bats sometimes, but on the other hand he did write "Bishonen" (and "David Hamilton" and most of the rest of the Laila France album), so much is forgiven.

Mountain Goats: there are something like 15 CDs, and I believe all of them are currently in print, thanks to the kind ministrations of Tim Adams at 3 Beads of Sweat (who just reissued "Nine Black Poppies" and a couple of other out-of-print ones, and also put together 3 discs of early cassettes, 7"s and comp tracks). Where you're going to run into a challenge is:

*The three early Shrimper cassettes: "Taboo XI: The Homecoming" (Roman numeral probably wrong), "The Hound Chronicles" and "Hot Garden Stomp." Out of print, uncollected, and in the case of "Taboo," never coming back.

*The three one-sided Yoyo Recordings 12" EPs ("Isopanisad Radio Hour" etc.). Although maybe Yoyo still sells them.

*"Come Come to the Sunset Tree," the ultra-ltd. LP with demos and a few different songs from the "Sunset Tree" sessions.

*"On Juhu Beach," a 3" CD-R EP of which I've never seen a physical copy (I've got a burn of it)

There's also a whole lot of not-actually-released ephemera floating around the Web...
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