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scam of the day:


Notice - March 8, 2007 - The Federal Citizen Information Center has learned that a company is using the information in our Managing Household Records Consumer Focus article as a reason for purchasing a certified deed from them. You do not have to use a private company to obtain a certified copy of the deed to your home, and in many states you can obtain one from your local Register of Deeds free or at a low cost. The information in this article is not an endorsement of any company selling products such as these.

So I got a letter from one of these private companies that trolls the public records for home sales- they want $69.50 for this "service". King County's fees for this same service, according to the KC webpage, are:

Certified Copies, first page $3.00(per copy)
Each Additional Page $1.00(per copy)

I'm not sure how many pages the Certified Deed is supposed to be (my notorized "Statutory Warranty Deed" that has the same recording date cited in the letter from these vultures is only a page long), but even if the Certified copy is 10 pages, this company is making a killing if anyone's dumb enough to go for it.

The important thing and the reason I post this; they sent me a postage paid envelope for my order, to make it that much easier to send them my $69.50. I'm not going to send them $69.50. What should I send these people instead (anonymously, of course)?

Poll #1066640 yeah, I'll certify a deed for you....

What should I send the predatory deed people in their postage paid envelope?

a cat turd
a used tampon
a used condom
a chunk of concrete (tape envelope around chunk, throw in public mailbox)
coffee grounds
expired medication
a Chick tract or other religious propaganda
other (pls comment)

I'm not sure if the concrete trick still works; the rumor is that the PO will deliver it AND charge them the overage on the extra weight, so that's the most appealing revenge, if it works. I realize after typing options 2 and 3 that it'd be unwise to send anything with DNA samples in case they decide to complain to the cops that someone is threating them, so amend those choices to "tampon doctored with red wine vinegar/chutney combo" and "condom doctored with mayonnaise".
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