Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

floor delivered!

delivered late, as I expected, but they did call to say they'd be late, so okay. The strapping young man even unloaded all 15 cartons into my house for me (and then loaded all 15 cartons of the wrong floor that was stacked in the garage).

floor install in 2 weeks. maybe I'll have a party after that to see show of my floor and see how reistant it is to red wine and salsa spills.

in other news, I'm finally finishing the sanding/staining of a built-in wood cabinet that I started dealing with over 2 years ago. I figure I need to get it done while I can still drip stain on the old floor. while digging around in the crevices, I found a bunch of stuff in the crevices, including pennies, 2 gold tees, bottle caps, a Dentyne wrapper that's at least 30 years old judging by the typeface/design, a tiny plastic army man, qtips (ick), wadded up tissue (double ick) and a tiny tube of prescription creme from the early 60's. interestingly, the patient's name, a date (can't tell if expiration date or date when filled) and the instructions for use are on the label, but no where does it say what the medicine is. It's from West Seattle General Hospital, which no longer exists under that name, and has both a lettered phone exchange (ie WE 7- and then 4 numbers I can't read) and a proto-ZIp code (ie "Seattle 6, Wash.") So now I know the name of at least one person that lived in this house in the 60s...
Tags: ancient history, house

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