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YAY!! and not YAY!!

YAY!! I finally made the decision to put in bamboo floors, since the purple softwood floors are looking kinda shabby after 4 years of wear and tear and being, you know, soft wood.

not YAY!! The floor place didn't have the floor I wanted in stock, so we had it sent to them from their warehouse a few days ago to arrive today.

YAY!! I picked up my floors today!

not YAY!! 15 cartons @ 50 lbs each = 750 pounds of unhappy loading and hauling in my Honda.

YAY!! The floor store guy did most of the loading into my car.

not YAY!! I had to unload all 15 boxes into my garage by myself, with the idea that I'd load them into my house tomorrow with Paul's help.

double not YAY!! the floor store guy apparently read the order wrong or otherwise is out to thwart me, because after unloading 750 pounds of floor, I discovered by reading the cartons that THEY GAVE ME THE WRONG ORDER.

triple not YAY!! assuming my ACTUAL order is at the floor store now, I get to RELOAD 750 lbs of floor into the Honda, swap it out, and then re-unload 750 lbs of floor AGAIN.

We will see how this plays out. Expect me to name names and then curse said names if floor store is not properly apologetic/helpful in correcting this problem.
Tags: angst, house, i am a clueless homeowner

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