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My life in the bush of gorillas

When I started dating Ivan, I was living in Tacoma. Repeatedly, people would say “oh, like the gorilla” when I mentioned his name. It took me a while to get the reference; Ivan the Gorilla hadn’t lived in Tacoma since 1994, but anyone who had ever been to the mall where he was on display remembered him even 8 years later (since when have you ever seen a live gorilla somewhere other than a zoo, or perhaps Uganda?)

Here’s more about Ivan the Gorilla, now living happily away from the mall:

So the next Serious Relationship I have after Ivan is Awesome Boyfriend Paul (10+ months now, for those of you keeping track at home). I recently bought a duplicate copy of the Electric Company LP to give to dirtylibrarian (who had mentioned wanting a tape of my copy), and look who’s in the bottom right hand corner:


I think what this means is that if Paul and I break up, my next boyfriend must be named Koko. Or perhaps Magilla.*

Also, off topic, note that “Easy Reader” on that album cover is none other than Morgan Freeman.

* or otherwise share the name of any other famous gorilla. And no, Damon Albarn would not count as a famous gorilla.
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