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I, too, am fuckin' AFSCME

something you may not know about me is that I'm a Union member. My workplace was unionized long before I got there, and it's a closed shop, meaning you belong to the union upon accepting the job (whether you want to or not). In general, I support unions, and I think mine does a reasonably good job of representing employee interests, especially in matters of disciplinary actions, so you won't hear me bitch about them much, other than that my union managed to misspell my last name for 3+ years on all the junk mail they send me (even though they got my name from my employer, which obviously has the correct spelling).

so my union sent me my new membership card, and they finally spelled my last name right. I had opened my mail in front of my computer and left the card there. I don't feel the need to carry the card, since it's not like it gives you discounts at local retailers or otherwise greases any wheels, yet I find myself unable to actually throw the card away. So it was sitting there when Paul used my computer this morning to google the location where we were supposed to meet friends for brunch.

He sees my AFSCME membership card in front of the computer and starts laughing and asking me if I've seen the AFSCME video. I have no idea what he's talking about, but a minute later, I'm enlightened:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3mw49mk_x0 (video SFW, audio NSFW)

Were I to show up at our Local's annual picnic, the urge to say "yeah, we answer your fuckin' homework reference questions so your kids don't flunk out of their shithole schools" would be irresistible.

anyway, please enjoy as a belated Labor Day celebration of the 5 day workweek, and the workers who keep your water free of piss.

Also, note that the original makers of the PSA have misspelled "Washinton DC" in the end titles, so maybe the conspiracy to screw up my name on my membership card goes way deeper than I'd guessed.
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