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Okay, so I'm supposed to leave tomorrow around 9am for the Hippie Dirt Rave. those familiar with Hippie Dirt Rave know that I will be unreachable by phone or internet until next Tuesday, so if you call and invite me to stuff and I don't call you back or show up at your house, that's why.

One of my traditions is to let other people write my LJ while I'm on vacation without telling my friends list until after my return, an idea I borrowed from the lovely Ms. Phibes. However, since I've already done this for Burning Man, it doesn't really make sense to try to fool y'all again (observant readers will remember I did keep the tradition alive last year when I went to Thailand, though).

The irony is of course that there is rumored to be wifi access on the playa this year, whereas there was pretty much no public internet access on the playa back in 2004 when I supposedly posted from there.
So if I HAD done the prank this year, it might have been plausible that I'd actually be able to post and I could have maybe fooled more of you.

in lieu of that, here are the BM prank entries from 2004:







Now, please forget all about the tradition I just mentioned, so the next time I go on a vacation, your credulity will be recharged.
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