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a small victory:

as many of you know, my name is pronounced to rhyme with Sara. It doesn't rhyme with Sora, Sura or Sarry (and yes, I realize those aren't given names in most of america, either), but most people are familiar enough with the concept of Sara that they can transfer it reasonably painlessly.

One of the things I hate about having to wear a name badge at work is that people presume that they know how your name is pronounced without checking, and then address you with "Thanks, Lora, you've been a big help" as they leave. I'm not sure if under English phonetic rules your first impression upon seeing my unfamiliar name should be to group it in the Sara/ Tara/ Irene Cara group, or the Laura/Lora group, but I really wish the rule more people followed was the one that would lead to a correct pronunciation of my name. Or they could, ya know, ask me.

I generally don't call people by their nametag name in service/customer settings anyway, and I know I certainly wouldn't if the name was one I wasn't sure how to pronounce (especially if it was a foreign name like Phuong, Nobue, Naquib, Aki Kaurismäki, etc.) . Calling someone by a personal name rather than "Ma'am" or "sir" implies a casualness or familiarity, and you've just blown the illusion of familiarity if you mispronounce my name, even if you come here every week and have been chitchatting with me at work for the last 5 years.

So today, I helped a patron, and as she was taking her leave, she looked at my tag, asked me how I pronounced my name, and then after I told her, said "Thanks, Lara, you're always so helpful!"

ah, at last, a victory where there truly are no losers, only winners. Thank you, blonde haired lady with the cool glasses and no name tag of her own, for making my name-tagged workday just a little bit nicer.
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