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What’s rocking my world lately- boring homeowner edition: - The inexplicable charisma of the rival [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Just me.

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What’s rocking my world lately- boring homeowner edition: [Aug. 14th, 2007|01:11 pm]
Just me.
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1) My FREE faucet aerator (and to a lesser degree, the free showerhead). I didn’t realize how crappy my OLD bathroom faucet was, until I got this one that makes the water come out in that / | | \ pattern—super great! Yes kids, once you are a homeowner, dumb shit like this will excite you more than you thought possible. Thank you Mayor Nickels, for increasing my water usage efficiency! Now if you could just lay off that “regulating dangerous nightclubs” nonsense, I’d be even happier.

2) The WEEDHOUND! I’m still attempting a brutal program of dandelion genocide, and this makes it so much easier. It’ll still take me weeks before the scourge is eliminated, but this is like the best garden tool ever. As an added bonus, you can make dumb stoner jokes about having a weed hound in your life.

3) I made $103 at my garage sale last weekend. Yay for getting people to declutter your house for you AND give you 50 cents per trinket. And when I didn’t have any browsers in my yard, me and the Weed Hound got busy on the Encroaching Horde of Leafy Menace, so I was all multitasky in addition to pulling in the big bucks.

4) Awesome Boyfriend Paul (ABP), who is making sure we are properly prepared for That Thing In The Desert by emailing me his exquisite packing lists, and encouraging me to do the same, so I don’t wait til the last minute and throw 15 shirts and 1 pair of pants into the rubbermaid bin, like I sorta did last time I went.
We’re decorating our bikes in my garage; his looks awesome. Mine looks….well, at least it will not be an immediate target for theft. We’re also trying to swing it so we get to make the side trip to Crater Lake on the way down there. Yay for planning!

[User Picture]From: signifier
2007-08-14 06:29 pm (UTC)
Hey Lara--I am also going to be at That Thing in the Desert (Illumination Village, 5:00 and Esplanade, within Techno Ghetto, which is actually toward the back of it). And would be more than happy to send you my packing list w/ a few of my favorite tips... when are you planning to arrive, and where are you camping? (And what's your email, which I don't have?)
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[User Picture]From: lara7
2007-08-14 07:25 pm (UTC)

well hey there!

it took me a moment to realize who this was. :-)

I will be at BR University, 7:30 and Estuary. we have cocktail parties 4pm tuesday and thursday- come say hi! We plan to get there Monday afternoon.

sure, send me yr packlist- I'm probably okay, having poached other peoples lists and having gone twice before, but more info never hurts. the hardest thing for me is balancing need for comfort/simplicity with the desire to bring a few costumey things that I won't freeze in at night. I don't want to bring 3 bins of costumes "just in case", ya know?

my email is lara7 -at- comcast dot net.

is this your first time to go? are you bringing the missus and the Wolk-ette (not to be confused with Wonkette)? Er, Wolkling? Wolkchen?

also, when I added you, I got a redundant semiotic laugh over this:

>>Select the colors that will represent signifier in your friends list.


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[User Picture]From: mugsimo
2007-08-16 10:26 am (UTC)
Since moving here to VT, I've discovered that dandelions are quite beautiful when they take over completely. That, and they put them in salads a lot. Haven't tried the dandelion wine yet, though.

Yay on the garage sale. I made $400 at our last one in SF, but promptly blew the profits on a sushi dinner for all who helped.

Have fun at That Thing In The Desert. My brother, Dan, is on his way there. He's going to Seattle to hook up with friends going down to the Desert. His last know location was Mt. Shasta on Tuesday, so I have no idea where he is now.

Sounds like all is well with you. Things are peachy 'round here.
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[User Picture]From: dirtylibrarian
2007-08-18 02:31 pm (UTC)
1) I should have had you help me install the aerator when you were over last night! It from the previous offer. How is the shower head?

2) I LOVE my Weedhound, too.
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[User Picture]From: lara7
2007-08-19 11:39 am (UTC)

water savin'

showhead is fine, but my old one wasn't quite as crappy as the aerator, so the change wasn't as noticable. the aerator just screws on- you may need to use pliers to get the old one off first, though.
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