Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

as if my day wasn't traumatic enough already:

after witnessing the gruesome highway accident earlier, my day got EVEN BETTER:

On the way back from the garage, I stepped on (and killed) a slug -inside- my sandals. It entered my shoe via the open toe, got trapped between my foot and my shoe and was squished before I knew what had happened. I spend the next half hour being very grossed out.

Hours later, I'm typing on LJ with shockie in my lap. hey, what's that mud on my thigh?

not mud.

apparently shockie is not always as fastidious in her bathroom habits as I would like.

So I had to clean myself and then track down the cat and wipe her ass for her. thrilling.

I'm going to bed to read harry potter. hopefully nothing will shit on me or die near me in the next 8 hours.
Tags: angst, ick

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