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countdown mode

There used to be this neat little web app you could bookmark where you could enter a date and time, and it would do a running ticker countdown of how many days hours minutes and seconds until that event. When I was in the 2nd of my serious long distance relationships, we would use this all the time, as soon as one of us had our plane reservations made. If you tend toward obsessiveness even a little, the countdown app was the greatest. But that site's long gone, so I'll have to guesstimate:

Days left of work: 6
Days until I hit the road with all my worldly possessions: 30
Days until I fly out to secure an apartment, get bearings, stalk Dan Savage: 9
Hours until MBCFTP arrives in the 614: 33
Maximum amount of time I could theoretically spend with him, assuming he's done with work when I am, that I can go into work late the next day, and that we don't sleep one bit: 19 hours.
More likely amount of time, if less fanciful values are assigned to those variables: about 8 hours.

On one hand this is depressing, but on the other hand, it's time with him I didn't expect to have at all, so I will be positive and not complainy. 8 hours is welcome. these are 8 hours I would not have if coincidence and business travel karma weren't in my favor. So yeah, woo-hoo!

And due to the packing (24 boxes done, though still haven't gotten all the books packed), I'll have an excuse for the somewhat disheveled state of my apartment. Those of you who know better may kindly keep mum.

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