Just me. (lara7) wrote,
Just me.

overheard in the ladies bathroom in a bar Sunday night in Yakima:

I'm in a stall. 2 giggling 20-something women come in to the restroom, so I hear them, but don't see them (until I left).

Lady 1: "What are you on?"
Lady 2: " I don't know- I can't even pronounce it!"

my first thought is, damn, is Yakima such a hotbed of pharmaceutical exploration that there are drugs to abuse that one would take without even having a guess as to what to call them?

Lady 1: "Yeah, I'm on Tri Cyclen 7/7/7."

Then I realize they're talking about birth control prescriptions, and Yakima is again demoted to being a place where it takes a half hour of driving around downtown, the "historic district", and the area around the college to find a restaurant open on a Sunday night with a wine list that ISN'T a Red Robin or The Olive Garden.

As for what we were doing in Yakima in the first place...maybe later. ;-)
Tags: high in the middle, kids today
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