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The most important thing I discovered during the EMP conference:

David Lee Roth supposedly once said, in reference to critics not taking Van Halen seriously, "Rock critics like Elvis Costello because rock critics look like Elvis Costello"

(though actually, if the alternative to looking like Elvis Costello is looking like David Lee Roth, I'm not sure how biting the insult really is).

Anyway, after attending part of the EMP pop conference this weekend, I think we need to update this quote, because I didn't see ANY pasty skinned, short haired, skinny men in glasses and ties attending the conference.

"Rock critics like _____ because rock critics look like _____"

The only possible answers I have so far based on personal observations are "Sarah Vowell""Doug Martsch" (of Built to spill) or "Tenacious D", except that I don't think any rock critics actually like Tenacious D, so that last one doesn't really work. And since Sarah Vowell, while admired by journalists, is also a journalist, that one doesn't work, either, because it really ought to be a musician in the blank. Ditto "David Cross", although I sure saw a lot of guys there that resembled him.

Ideas? The quote either needs to be updated, or Buddy Holly glasses need to be provided to all rock critics upon acceptance of their first freelance piece.
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