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So after seeing Grindhouse this weekend, hearing that a sequel to "28 days later" is coming soon, and also having recently read the novel "World War Z", I got to thinking; how would the American military and National Guard act in the event of an unknown, supernatural enemy like a zombie horde?

One thing I always wonder when seeing a zombie movie is "How does something that slow and shambling manage to wipe out entire cities?" In "28 days later", it made a lot more sense that they could have taken over, as the creatures weren't technically zombies, and could run very fast, but watching Dawn of the Dead, you wonder how anyone armed with any weapon could be killed, as long as they resisted the siren call of the blood pressure machine in the mall.

In "World War Z", the military turns out to be basically good guys, once they figure out that new combat strategies are needed when fighting an enemy that will not (and cannot, since it has no logic abilities) surrender. But in "28 days later" and "Grindhouse", a civilian might wonder whether she'd be better off on her own with a gun than under the "protection" of the military, since both films suggest that soldiers turn into drooling rapists when faced with the possible extinction of the human species.

So naturally, I thought this would be a fun poll:

Poll #969114 Brains!

There's a major zombie plague in your town. The military comes to fetch survivors and lock them down in a secure place. you:

go with them willingly, as their resources offer the best chance of survival.
go with them haltingly, as you don't quite trust their competence against this enemy, but you have no better options.
refuse to go and decide to take your chances with your boomstick and chainsaw.
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