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books read, first quarter 2007

1) Possible side effects - Augusten Burroughs - More comical essays, a la an alcoholic Sedaris. Good.

2) Sex Stupidity and Greed: Inside the American Movie Industry - Ian Grey -
Interviews and essays from offshoot of once great Re/Search publishers. Okay, but nothing groundbreaking.

3) The Ghastly One: The Sex-Gore Netherworld of Filmmaker Andy Milligan by Jimmy McDonough - I'd never seen any of Milligan's movies, but liked the book a lot. This author has also done bios of Russ Meyer and Neil Young, so he's my kinda writer. I later got a few of his films from Netflix- they haven't aged well. Nice slice of 42nd street Grindhouse history, though.

4) The God Delusion- richard dawkins - The book that may inspire legions of athiests to "come out" as such. Or may cause them to clam up, if only out of fear of being portrayed as a tranny-fucker in South Park. Well written and persuasive.

1) Nature Girl - carl hiaasen - Okay, not one of his best.

2) The Big Bounce- Elmore Leonard (audio)- My first Leonard. okay, abrupt ending. Will read more, though.

3) California fire and life- Don Winslow (audio)- a murder mystery/ thriller about an insurance claims adjuster. Will also teach you some CSI type things about Arson. recommended.

4) Rainy City -earl emerson (audio) -first in mystery series set in Seattle. okay, nothing special, but I liked it while I was "reading' it.

5) Kindred- octavia butler (audio) - Awesome time-travel/ speculative fiction /african-american novel. Excellent. More "sci-fi" should be like this.

6) split images- elmore leonard-(audio) - Much better than Big Bounce. really dark. recommended.
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