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In which I have inadvertently turned into The Man

So a good friend of mine lives in a house of some notoriety where some people were killed in a mass murder a year ago today. a few of these people were of the raver persuasion, and two were teenagers. When I went to her house today, there were 3 raver bead necklaces (spelling "unity" "peace" and "sin"(?), I believe) ) 2 daffodils, 4 long stemmed roses, and a half-full can of Pabst Blue Ribbon left near the steps. She was basically thinking, well, that's okay if they leave stuff, I just hope no one decides to camp out here.

So I picked her up around 2pm, and we went to the Seattle Center to drop in on the Memorial stuff for the victims. We didn't stay long, but she wanted to stop by. The DJ was either kinda crappy, or I am old, or both, but I don't understand playing Boston's "Don't Look Back" (the original, not a remix or cover) during a rave set. We left during the open mike, which had the potential to be more maudlin than either of us was ready for. Anyway, after that, we had a late lunch, sauntered around the Sculpture park, and headed back to her place.

There was a group of like 6-8 teens at the steps. We bypassed them, went inside, gossiped, and I left so she could get ready for her date. Before I left, she said "I hope those kids are gone when I leave, because I'm kinda uncomfortable about the whole vigil thing". I asked her if she wanted me to say something to them, and she said okay, so I did.

It went something like this:

Me: How long do you guys plan on staying out here?
Raver Teen: It's your property, you can ask us to leave if you want.
Me: No, I don't live here, but my friend does. We know you guys are having a rough time, and understand that you want to get together and talk about your grief, but people live here now and it's kinda weird for them, too. I don't want to chase you off, but maybe it would be good if you went somewhere indoors and warm where you could sit down and talk about stuff so the people who live here can have their friends over, go on dates, and all that.

I remember also mentioning that we'd been at the memorial, and that I recognized some of them from it, and complimenting this one girl's dress. I also remember saying that it was fine to leave stuff/memorials, but that maybe leaving it and moving on was a good idea.

But then I also realized that in attempting to broker a compromise between the grievers and the residents, I'd become the Hey You Kids Get Off My Lawn grown-up. But they got into their cars and quietly dispersed as I got into mine. As I left, I saw another group of 10 teens on the corner I hadn't seen when I sat on the steps to talk to teens in front of the house. No one yelled Fuck You or otherwise acted upset, so I guess I did okay. It was awkward being The Man, though.

My friend called me an hour later (on the way to her date) and said the teens were all gone and thanking me for stepping in. However, in the interim, a news van had parked across the street.

Now, them I'd be okay being an asshole to in order to make the news van leave. unfortunately, I wasn't around to make an impromptu "Greg Nickels does anal bong hits 4 Jesus" banner to ruin their shot.
Tags: angst, mortality

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