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I am slacking

I haven't packed anything in 2 days. still holding at 19 boxes packed. I am slacking majorly. Didn't listen to any 78s to deaccession, either.

although I did manage to terminate my phone call with MBCFTP only an hour after the cordless battery gave the "ah! I am dieing" beeps. We'd made a pact that when the battery starts losing juice, it's time to say goodnite rather than switch to the landline. Well, not quite there yet. But much better than two nights ago.

Gave 2 weeks notice at old workplace today; was told by big boss that I'll be hard to replace, on account of my mad skillz, yo. Realized that she meant it and wasn't just being polite. Made me feel good, but also made me realize I still have difficulty believing/accepting compliments gracefully. Feelings of self-worth took such a battering during last 3 years (personal, environmental, and social factors) that it's hard to realize that I've mostly bounced back (but still have a way to go, natch) and its okay to be proud about stuff I do well.

I'm not proud of how good I am at slacking, tho. Tomorrow I vow to pack novelty kitchen glassware- bar glasses, wine glasses, CB slang juice glasses, etc.

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