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The Weakened Weekend

Spent entirely too much time on the telephone with MBCFTP last night. Not complaining, though I need to be better about budgeting time. I mean, I'm gonna spend 4 days on the road with him in about a month; why use up all my good stories now? haha. new rule; when the battery on the cordless starts to die, don't pick up the extension; instead, end the conversation. But one the positive side, have found out more about what he does with his free time, none of which is a potential dealbreaker. I asked the famous tinymammoth dealbreaker question " are you now or have you ever been a member of Mensa?", and got the shocking news that, while he'd never been one, by nature of the tests we had to take to get into our high school, both of us would automatically qualify for Mensa membership. shudder. Next I'm gonna find out I'm half-Canadian or something.

Spent Saturday evening watching John Waters' Female Trouble with some friends from the Girly House. Hadn't seen it in 13 years or so, and in many ways, it's a lot more extreme than Pink Flamigoes in subversiveness. Haven't watched the director's commentary yet; maybe later this week while packing up stuff in the living room. Very quotable dialog, including:

"I wouldn't suck your dick if I was suffocating and there was oxygen in your balls"
"The world of the heterosexual is a sick and boring life."
"Who wants to die for art?"

and after sleeping thru the afternoon today, looked outside to see there'd been about 4-6 inches of snow while I wasn't paying attention. I still love how the unplowed snow reflects light even late at night, so you can go outside at 10pm and it looks more like the hour before sunset than it looks like night. It's way cool. Especially if you don't have to go anywhere and can enjoy it by looking out your front door.

In moving news; rescheduled moving van, typed up job acceptance letter and 2 weeks notice, booked flight to SeaTac for apartment scouting, listened to more 78s to get rid of, now that I've found someone locally who wants them. Not too bad for not getting out of bed until 4pm.

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