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perhaps the Gothiest thing I've done in a while....

This weekend, Paul and I went for a walk around Capitol Hill and ended up at Lake View Cemetery, where we decided we’d attempt to find the graves of Brandon and Bruce Lee. It was actually pretty fascinating to see all the grave names of "pioneer" Seattlites whose names we know from streets, monuments, etc: Mercer, Leary, Denny, Yesler, Carkeek, Chittenden (you know, the Ballard Locks dude) , not to mention a boatload of Nordstroms and Blethens (the Seattle Times newspaper family, sorta like a local equivalent of the Hearsts).

We stumbled across the grave of "Princess Angeline", the daughter of Chief Seattle and (according to the grave marker), "Life long supporter of the white settlers", who is buried near her "friend and protector", Henry Yesler. Lest the name "Princess Angeline" make you think of some Pocahontas-like babe, check out her photo, snapped by Edward Curtis.

Other than Brandon and Bruce Lee’s markers, which we finally found by noticing the teen Asian tourists snapping pictures of each other there, the only other famous grave I spotted was that of the poet Denise Levertov. Her marker has an artsy design, but it doesn’t say "poet" or "writer" or anything like that on it. Bruce Lee’s says simply "Founder of Jeet Kune Do" after his dates. A friend of mine tells a story about being stranded on Capitol Hill in the 80’s without bus fare, and in a stroke of blasphemous inspiration, went to the cemetery, borrowed some of the tribute coins left on Bruce Lee’s monument, and used them to pay for the bus. She did of course return within the week to pay Bruce back, since no one wants the bad juju of stealing from Bruce Lee.

The worst marker is that of a non-famous, recently buried teenager, whose family for some reason did his marker in the dreaded COMIC SANS font. This is about as undignified as you’d expect, and I hope this young man is haunting them for inflicting this indignity upon him.

Also, can anyone tell me why I saw smooth/shiny stones placed on the gravestones that have Hebrew inscriptions on them? Is it a folk custom, or an actual mandated thing?
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