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back from The Stick

I'm "lucky" enough to have randomly chosen both of the seattle snow days as flight days. Whee. Nothing like walking 7 blocks thru ice and snow to catch a bus because the person who would have taken you to the airport is having no success driving in the snow (due to her proximity to a hill). Hint: those suitcase with wheels and retractable handles act as tiny plows when there's snow on the sidewalk. no fun. at least I didn't fall on my ass once.

And then I got to Houston to change planes, where it was 70 degrees and I was in my seattle snow garb. yike. Luckily, on the way back through Houston, they got the end of that midwestern ice storm, causing a 3 hour flight delay, and then a 3 hour wait after we boarded to stand in line to get de-iced. Nothing like landing at 5 am when you thought you'd arrive at 11:45pm, in time to go to work the next afternoon. I let Paul off the hook from the airport run since I landed at such a godawful time and its dark and icy anyway. He is coming over tonight after work, so I will finally get to see him, after a week apart.

Oh, and my suitcase apparently got to spend even more time in Houston than I did. Just got a call at 3pm saying it would be delivered to my house.

I mostly had a good time visiting The Stick, but lots of things reminded me why I left in the first place. Maybe more on that later, but for now I'm tired and could use a little more napping after suitcase man delivers my bag.
Tags: angst, omg teh snowing!

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