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4th quarter books read - The inexplicable charisma of the rival [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Just me.

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4th quarter books read [Jan. 5th, 2007|02:29 pm]
Just me.

1) The Tipping Point- Malcolm Gladwell (audio)
Interesting and brief, but I'm surprised it made such a big splash. I enjoyed it, though.

2) Partly Cloudy Patriot  - Sarah Vowell (audio)
Essays from NPR lady. great on audio.

3) Don't get too comfortable-David Rakoff
I enjoyed his "Fraud", these essays were good, too. Recommended if you like Sedaris and Vowell.

4) I Love Led Zeppelin - Ellen Forney
graphic novel/comix collection. disappointing. I like her art okay,but this collection was "eh"

5) Running with scissors - Augusten Burroughs (audio)
Memoir of growing up in a fucked-up psychologist's family. good, but I liked his "Dry" better

6) Take the canoli -Sarah Vowell
More essays. funny.

7) Assassination Vacation -Sarah Vowell (audio)
Theme book about her obsessions with nerdy historical tourist sights, especially ones dealing with tragedy. Also great on audio, loads of "guest stars".

8) Dry- Augusten Burroughs
Funny memoir about alcoholism and getting sober.
1) Sleeping beauty - Ross macdonald (audio)
Mystery. okay, not as noirish as I'd hoped

2) Minority report and other stories - Philip K Dick (Audio)
Ah, who doesn't love a collection of short Dick pieces?

3) the Far Side of the Dollar - Ross macdonald (audio)
Mystery. okay, better than the other one but I'm thinking Ross isn't really my bag after reading three of them.

4) The man who wrote dirty books- hal dresner
Comic novel from the late 60's about a pornographer. the only people I know that have ever read this book are people in my family and our friends we've recommended it to. The way my mom discovered it decades ago is because the author photo on the back looks shockingly like my dad. I found yet another copy in a thrift during my SF road trip, so I read it again. still funny. Ask to borrow it from me if you're local.

5) the end (final book in A.S.O.U.E.)- lemony snicket
disappointing conclusion to series I liked in general. Spoiler: Snape kills dumbledore.

6) John Henry Days- colson whitehead (audio )
literary fiction. explores myth of folk hero and small town festivals. very good, but long. unusual Pulp fiction-style non-linear ending.
Grand total books read in 2006: 64 titles.
number of these that were unabridged audiobooks: 37

[User Picture]From: erikred
2007-01-08 03:45 pm (UTC)
2) Minority report and other stories - Philip K Dick (Audio)
Ah, who doesn't love a collection of short Dick pieces?

Steve Orr of Ask Jeeves, a fellow PKD fanatic, used to relate the story of the time he was hanging out in a bookstore and his buddy, who knew of his proclivities, yelled across the store, "Hey, Steve, getting enough Dick these days?"

Hehe, "short Dick," hehe.
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